FIFA 22: EA boss sticks to lootboxes despite new gambling laws


FIFA 22 was released last week and like every year, the controversial FIFA Ultimate Team mode is back. In recent years, Electronic Arts has already had to speak out about it in court and there have even been changes to the law in some countries to classify the lootboxes as gambling.

However, Chris Bruzzo, the EA Chief Experience Officer, seems to be pretty relaxed about that and confirmed that they will continue to stick to the concept of how they currently use Lootboxes.

No change in sight for lootboxes in FIFA.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Bruzzo was asked how EA would react if, for example, in one of the most important countries for FIFA, like in the case of England, Lootboxes were considered gambling. In response, Bruzzo said the following:

The most important thing is that we work together with the governments. We are ready. We are already at the table and we can continue to act at any time and we will. We are ready.

It remains as it is: so before EA makes any really deep changes to the lootbox system, they’ll look at other avenues first. According to Bruzzo, this is mainly related to the lack of breaks after a game’s release. They have to keep tweaking the game to deliver value to the millions of players*. But with so many playing FIFA, it’s the perfect way to keep bringing in money.

According to him, the money is then used again to pay the developers. The more the developers work on the game, the more the players enjoy the gameplay. And it is precisely this vicious circle that Bruzzo sees no chance of changing.

Some changes have already been made: in Belgium, for example, lootboxes, which are bought through affordable currency, are banned. So EA simply stopped selling FIFA points in the region – but the lootboxes remained. These now have to be earned heavily through an in-game grind, only to receive a few random players. There is another change now since this year:

FIFA 22 was released last week for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Switch. You can read how this year’s soccer game fared in the GamePro review.



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