Fortnite Down? It is Because of Rumored ‘New Hero’ Captain America


Calling all players of Fortnite, a new surprise is set to knock on your doorstep. And it is hidden in an upcoming ‘server downtime’ that’s happening on Thursday, July 2. Here’s a clue: it relates to America’s favorite hero Captain America. 

Only days before the Independence Day comes in America, a new rumored ‘hero’ is scheduled to be introduced on Epic Games’ famous online video game Fortnite. To commemorate the holidays, Fortnite is rumored to have Captain America as one of their new heroes.

Express UK reported on Thursday, July 2, about the latest 13.20 patch notes updates on Fortnite. In these patch notes, Epic Games captioned the announcement with “A New Hero Arrives,” adding, “A mighty arrival is coming to Item Shop this week. Stay tuned.”

Famous Fortnite leakers Lucas7Yoshi and FNBRLeaks first released this Captain America news, making the fans more excited about the new updates.

Some fans, however, found the revelation as a ‘too-early surprise’ for them. Though it is not yet sure that Captain America is heading to Fortnite, most of the fans already connected this leak to the upcoming holidays in America, ‘Independence Day on July 4,’ saying that the leak is real, and this is one of the main reasons why.

Aside from the rumored Captain America files, leakers also said that the update 13.20 added a new weapon, a deployable workbench, as well as LTMs for Season 3. The new weapon is said to be a new ‘Flare Gun’ that would make a huge difference in Fortnite weapon choices. 

Fortnite is experiencing down system

Epic Games announced this week that there would be an upcoming server downtime of Fortnite, scheduled to happen on Thursday, July 2, at approximately 2:00 a.m. ET.

Reports said that the scheduled downtime is coming for Epic Games to prepare for the Independence Day holidays and the rumored Captain America skin.

“Downtime for our scheduled server maintenance has begun,” reads an Epic tweet. “We’ll provide an update when downtime ends, and services are back up.”

As of now, Epic Games has not yet revealed how long the downtime would last for its players around the world. This would be the second time this week that Fortnite Battle Royale did their maintenance with the system.

Normally, Fortnite outages last for a couple of hours until the announcement. So if you are planning to play Fortnite this week, maybe you need to find other games first until the game is ready to be played again.

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