‘Friends Reunion’: Phoebe Has a Surprise for Fans of the Series


Do you already miss the gang of the 1994 Friends TV show? If yes, Lisa Kudrow, a.k.a. Phoebe Buffay in the series, told this week that a new surprise will be ready for the much-awaited Friends Reunion show. So, apparently, she still knows something that people don’t know, right? 

Calling all the fans of the classic famous comedy TV show Friends, the upcoming Friends Reunion has something new to offer, according to one of its actors, Lisa Kudrow.

As Fox News reported, the 56-year-old ‘Space Force’ actress revealed a surprising treat for all the fans of the TV series. First, Kudrow reiterated that the long-awaited reunion of the Friends cast is “definitely going to happen.”

She said this news when she was promoting her new Netflix movie with Steve Carell.

For now, though, there might be a delay with the production of the reunion show due to the pandemic. But expect it to happen, and bet Phoebe on it.

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“[The planning] was pretty far along, but it seemed pretty clear that if people can’t gather then we can’t do it,” said her.


Aside from the confirmation that the series would be having its reunion sometime soon, Kudrow was also asked whether there were new things that the show would be offering for the fans. And yes, there are some “other things in it too.”

“There are other things in it,” Kudrow said. “There are other things to it; things I shouldn’t really talk about because they should be good — but those things can’t happen [right now]. We just decided on another date, and we’ll see if we can do it then.”

For now, we don’t have any clues on what Kudrow was referring to her statement. But, it could be huge that every fan should look out for it. 

To clarify the claims that Friends Reunion will be made remotely, Kudrow explains that this will not happen, at all.

“There hasn’t really been any talk about doing it remotely,” she said. “I mean, it was an immediate ‘no’ if this was brought up. That’s not what this is. We are not doing it remotely.”

Meanwhile, the media also asked Kudrow of whether she felt bad about being always associated with the role ‘Phoebe’ from the series. Of course, she said no.

“I’m just as proud of Friends as I ever was. I never stopped loving doing the show, so my memories of it are just as fond now as they were back then,” said her. “It’s great that younger and younger people — many who weren’t even born when we started shooting Friends — are now fans of the show.”


Which Friends episode makes you relax on a very long, hard day?

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