Google Meet Adds Feature to Enhance Video Conferencing; Is this Better than Zoom?


Google Meet is one of the most widely popular video conferencing platforms of this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, where many people are at home to work, do their errands. In a recent report on Forbes, Google added yet another feature in the hopes of competing with Zoom and Microsoft. 

From its blog post, Google is making it easier for individuals to join Meet video calls by integrating the system with Gmail. 

“With video calling being an integral part of our lives, we made Google Meet free and available for everyone last month, and also brought it into Gmail on the web,” the official Google blog said. “Today, we’re bringing Meet to Gmail on Android and iOS, so that you can easily join video meetings from your inbox.”

Last month, Google Meet also introduced another feature, which was the noise-canceling feature. With this and making the platform free and available to more people by connecting with Gmail, it is strengthening the competition with other video conference providers like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

However, this feature is compatible with the web for now, and not yet for Android and iPhone handsets. 

Today, with the rising cases and the continuity of the global pandemic, that is, the coronavirus, video conferencing is the option for having meetings and other gatherings. People decided to stay at home and create their workspaces. 

From today, Google said there will be a new Meet tab to appear on Gmail on Android and iOS, with a one-tap feature for you to be able to launch meetings directly from the inbox. For the web, it should be the Meet shortcut.

The subsequent screens will bring you to the meeting and show the people currently in the call. It also allows you to check and monitor your video feed, plus more of the usual features. There will be more options and other features, including meet scheduling, instant meetings, and participating via a code. 

The tab can be noticeable from the screen, and you may also disable the function to change how it appears. 

It has been said that these times are busy for Google Meet and other video conferencing providers, more than ever, because of the changing situations or the “new norm.”

There have also been other interface changes in the past few days. Google also showed a tiled layout of the participants in video meetings. Up to 16 individuals can be seen. 

This is making it better to present by creating a sizable central tile to showcase the presentation, and active palace video feeds right at the base of your screen. These 16 are visible in two rows of eight participants, with the presenter included.

Screen layouts default to the presentation will also have more choices, and in the Spotlight view option. The company said it intended to make these remote meetings feel like it is done in the offices.

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