[GUIDE] Here’s How You Can Create Your Own Facebook Avatar, and Even Make Cute Stickers That Looks Like You


Can’t go out to take photos and change your Facebook DP? The social media giant’s new feature allows you to make your own Avatar, a cartoon-like version fo yourself. Facebook’s update just like Apple’s Memoji and Snapchat’s Bitmoji feature.

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The social media app’s update has been available in Australia, the United States, and other countries. And now, it has finally been launched in India. Here’s how you can create your own Avatar using the Facebook app on your smartphone.

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1) On your Android or iOS device, install Facebook’s app latest version.

2) Login your account by opening the social media app.

3) Once you opened your account, navigate to the top right corner of the screen and click the “three lines” symbol.

4) Scroll down and tap the “See More” option.

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5) Tap on the “Avatar” option and then choose “Next.”

6) Once you access your Avatar, you can now select your face shape, body shape, eye shape, eyewear, and other body features.

7) When you’re satisfied with your cartoon version, click on the “Done” option, located at the top right corner.

8) To view your finished Avatar, click on “Next.”

Now that your Facebook Avatar is complete, you’ll have three buttons located at the top right corner. 

1) The first button lets you use your cartoon version as your profile picture or share it to your newsfeed. 

2) You can also view and use the stickers based on your Avatar by clicking the second button. 

3) The last button will allow you to change your Avatar’s feature if ever you’re not satisfied with the result. 

Now that you have your own Avatar show it to your friend and also check their own version. Have fun! 

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