Guild Wars 2: Elite specs and DirectX11 – what did you think of the 2nd beta?


In Guild Wars 2, we not only got to try out three more elite specs in the End of Dragons beta event over the last few days, but also the long-awaited move to DirectX11. What does the community think of the new features from the beta?

From September 21 to September 25, Guild Wars 2 players were able to try out elite specializations from the upcoming End of Dragons expansion in the second beta event of its kind: Catalyst for Elementalists, Bladesworn for Warriors, and Right Seeker for Widowers. Apart from that, the developers have also finally enabled the switch to DirectX11 as a beta feature. In the game’s options, you can simply check that you want to use DirectX11.

What does the community think of the new Elite specs?

The community has been exchanging ideas on the GW2 forum and the Arenanet MMORPG subreddit. There are many different opinions, but also a lot of consensus. Many players complain about the catalyst, for example. It’s not just the energy system and the cooldown for his Jade Spheres that are a pain. The hammer also offers a clunky mixture of “too little damage”, “too slow” and “not enough range”.

The feedback on the Law Seeker and the Bladesworn is more positive. The new Resister spec is convincing with its new greatsword skills and needs tweaking in the way the dual legend St. Victor and Archemorus work – the support skills are not yet convincing, while the elite skill lacks damage. Feedback on the new warrior spec is also mixed. While the damage is far too low in PvP and WvW, the Bladesworn is far too strong in PvE, where enemies don’t easily dodge the powerful attack Dragon Trigger and the damage is also scaled higher.

What were the beta days like for you?
Did you really get into the new Elite specs? Or do you want to wait for the release?
Which new Elite spec do you like the most so far?
What suggestions do you have for changes after testing the specs?
What would you like to see in the remaining Elite specs for Ranger, Engineer, and Thief?
Did DirectX11 bring the performance improvements you were hoping for?

Let us know your impressions in the comments, because we’re eager to hear what the beta was like for you!


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