How The Luxury Travel Industry Is Responding To The Coronavirus


The coronavirus has changed the face of the travel industry forever. While most commercial airlines are suspending flights or completely closing some routes, the luxury travel industry is taking advantage of gaps in the market and filling them in ways only they know-how.

So sit back and soak in the possibilities that the luxury travel industry has designed specifically for this purpose. Some of the options are quite surprising.

Commercial cruises were one of the first to be hit by the pandemic. The lockdown on these large cruise ships happened very early on and, as a consequence, commercial ports have been closed and will remain closed for the foreseeable future. 

The good news is marinas have stayed open; with added safety features and strict hygiene requirements, business for the charter yacht is booming.

Crews can be handpicked, and those who are working in parts of the world where coronavirus has not made an impact find themselves in high demand. It’s a fact that you’re less likely to catch or pass on the virus if you’re in the middle of the ocean.

Strict sanitising regimes have been employed throughout the marinas and, of course, these standards continued on board. If that doesn’t convince you most charter companies will offer a no-quibble rescheduling option or even a no-penalty cancellation policy if you change your mind. 

If you don’t have natural sea legs don’t worry; there are many more exciting options to explore.

Many European countries have opened their borders in the last few days. Some countries have stopped imposing a fourteen-day quarantine period on arrival. This is good news for luxury resorts, especially those with luxury spas.

Exhausted executives who have worked tirelessly in the last months can now safely check-in, in the knowledge that for the most part while the resort has been closed extensive cleaning procedures and refurbishments have been carried out in anticipation of a return to normality of sorts. 

Those with their eyes on the future know that 2020 is a year to recalibrate ready for busier times ahead. The general adopted policy right now states that any guests who are unsure can postpone bookings on request and most high-end luxury resorts will waive cancellation fees or make suitable arrangements to accommodate nervous travellers.

Those who wish to travel will notice the enhanced incentives are available: everything from price reductions to upgrades and free spa treatments. It’s all very tempting but there still may be some anxiety about travelling. So let’s look at the safe and luxurious alternative ways to travel to the resort.

Commercial airlines have suffered, but private aviation is one of the few that have seen an increase in demand. Both industry and the private business now prefer this safe method of transportation; luxury travel has become less elite and more necessary during the coronavirus outbreak.

Private aviation has always had the ability to diversify. Whether you’re on a tight schedule and you need to visit various cities in one day, or you have a vital package or product that requires guaranteed secure transportation. Commercial airlines can no longer accommodate and therefore private aviation is the only answer in these circumstances.

More than that, the way people travel has changed forever. Naturally, travellers want to minimise the risk to themselves and others while still being able to get to their destination, while enjoying the luxury they have come to expect from private aviation.

Travelling by private charter jet enables you to relax and enjoy the experience. From the moment you walk through the efficient security systems, all the way to the separate terminal and luxury lounges, you know you’re in the hands of top-class professionals. 

When onboard, you’ll find that all extra hygiene precautions have been taken to give flyers the peace of mind they have come to expect from a private charter.  For those looking to travel safely, in style and comfort, private charter jets are the way forward to secure full peace of mind wherever you fly. 

There’s no doubt the coronavirus has caused devastation around the world. The overriding feeling in the industry is a reflection. What could have been done to minimise the risks and how can we do better? The luxury travel industry has sat up and taken note. Changes have been implemented. 

The return to full capacity is a long way off, and until then if you are travelling make the most of what is on offer, whether it’s a private charter yacht, jet or helicopter to a secluded luxury resort or urgent business travel the luxury travel industry have your safety and comfort at the top of their agenda.


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