iOS 14 HACKS: How to Stop Hoarding Apps Using the New ‘App Library’ in iOS 14


iOS 14 was included as one of the big announcements of Apple’s recent WWCD 2020. They also announced that there will also be a new “App Library” that will prevent users from hoarding apps in their Apple devices.

According to Lifehacker’s latest report, almost everyone has a lot of apps on their devices. The writer of the report stated that there are apps on his phone that were not even compatible with the layout of his device. Some of the apps are so old that they won’t work after he organized his device.

The report stated that the new iOS, which will soon be released, will help its users organize the apps they have installed. Unlike computers, iOS 14 doesn’t have a button that allows its users to automatically arrange their apps alphabetically on the Home screen. However, there is still the next best thing that could be offered by the new iOS.

According to Lifehacker’s report, a brand-new “App Library” page will be tacked by the users once they upgrade their iPhone to iOS 14. The App Library can be located at the very end of the Home screen’s pages. Users just need to keep swiping left until they get there.

Once the user locates the App Library, they will see that the apps on their device are already arranged by categories that Apple feels suits the applications best. The apps used the most, will be collected and curated by the new “Recently Added” and “Suggestions” categories that stick to the top of the App Library.

Although the App Library is great for organizing users’ apps, once they decide to upgrade to iOS 14, it still does nothing about the myriad of apps piling up in the home screen pages. Here are some steps on how to hide the clogging apps.

Dump new apps you download into the App Library

To do this, the user must navigate to their “Settings App” and then go to the “Home Screen.” To prevent any apps that the user downloads to go to their home screen pages but still allow the download to proceed, they must select “App Library” only. 

Hide Home screen pages

Hiding your home screen pages is one of the methods to eliminate the apps from cluttering your device. Although your apps won’t be seen on your device, it is still installed and the user can unhide them anytime they want.

To do this, the users must long-press anywhere on any of them to trigger the “jiggling apps.” The next step will be selecting the page controls which is located at the bottom of the screen. Tapping the checkmark icon will hide the Home screen pages.  


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