Is Spotify down? How can I tell if it’s down?


Is Spotify down? How can I tell if it’s down?

After experiencing issues with the app on Thursday, November 18, 2021, SPOTIFY users want to know what’s going on.

DownDetector is an online outage tracker that has uncovered the problem with the music streaming service.

On November 18, around 11.26 a.m. EST, reports of problems with the site began to arrive.

The app was the source of 50% of the reports, while the website was the source of 30%.

Only 20% of Spotify users said their audio streaming was broken.

People took to Twitter to see if anyone else was having problems with the music streaming service.

One user wondered, “Is Spotify down? Why is my song stopping?”

“Spotify keeps crashing on me since they added the real-time lyrics feature,” one user complained.

Users have been able to check the status of their sites more easily as companies have made it easier for them to do so.

Spotify users can check if the site is down at the following locations:

This is the fourth outage for Spotify this month.

In October, the app also reported problems.

Spotify was unavailable in September 2021 on the following platforms:

Spotify was unavailable in November 2021 on the following platforms:

Spotify’s “Spotify Cares” Twitter page has posted a video with some suggestions for getting the service back up and running.

Users should follow these steps to troubleshoot the app, according to the company:

If the app is still not working, users can go to for assistance.

Instagram was reported to be down on Monday, November 1.

On Monday, October 4, however, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were unavailable for nearly six hours.

Multiple apps had been crashing, with some being fixed but others still not working, according to Downdetector.

By the end of the day, the problem had been solved.

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Spotify went down on September 13It is unknown when the problem will be fixed

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