Last year, I sold 100 plots of land in The Sandbox metaverse for (dollar)15K each — they’re now worth (dollar)300,000.


Last year, I sold 100 plots of land in The Sandbox metaverse for (dollar)15K each; they’re now worth (dollar)300,000.

Republic Realms is a metaverse real estate company that spent (dollar)4.2 million on land in The Sandbox, including 100 private islands whose value has skyrocketed.

Last year, CEO Janine Yorio told CNBC that her company first sold the islands for (dollar)15K each.

“They’re selling for around (dollar)300,000 each today,” she told the outlet, “which happens to be the same as the average home price in America.”

The Sandbox had never seen anything like the company’s digital land purchase from November of last year.

Republic Realm purchased 792 parcels totaling 3 square miles of in-game land in The Sandbox.

Atari was purchased for one 24×24 plot in a prime location, with the realtor co-developing some of the land with the company.

Yorio tells CNBC that neighbors are just as important as location:

“Who your neighbor is, I believe, is extremely important.

Isn’t that the case with almost everything?

“It’s like a club, and you want to hang out with people who have the same interests as you.”

Republic Realm’s massive purchase dwarfed Decentraland’s (dollar)2.4 million virtual property.

That transaction happened just a week ago, and the buyer, Metaverse Group, claims that the value of its Decentraland real estate has increased by 500% since then.

The Sandbox Mega City land sale is currently open, giving interested parties the opportunity to expand their virtual real estate portfolio.

Prices start at £3,316.81 (dollar)4,558.34, so if you have a crypto wallet full of MANA, stop by.

Be aware that crypto and NFTs are high-risk investments, especially since there is no tangible proof that you own anything.

Your blockchain receipts will be worthless if The Sandbox is shut down tomorrow, so do your research and financial due diligence before investing.

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