[LEAK]: iPhone 12’s Pre-Order Email Confirms October Release—Carriers Invite Customers for 5G Experience Bundle


A multinational technology company, Apple, remains silent on the details about the most anticipated smartphone in the world, the iPhone 12. However, an e-mail leak confirms its existence and availability right in the middle of the Fall season. The iPhone 12’s October release would push through, marking its 3rd week to be the last days of the pre-orders.

Apple’s secrets are unveiled in a new leak by a trusted source for the Cupertino-based technology giant regarding their new iPhone 12. Shrouds of mystery still cloud the official details from Apple, but leaks confirm that October will see the beloved company’s latest smartphone.

Apple’s highly-speculated and anticipated smartphone is nearing its supposed announcement anywhere between the last week of September and the first week of October, before seeing a two-week pattern before its drop. Evan Blass tweeted (@evleaks) an e-mail sent to him by an unknown carrier that offers a 5G connectivity bundle and the all-new iPhone 12.

The e-mail mentioned that pre-orders for the smartphone will end on October 20, highly-confirming the launch to follow right after the pre-order. October 20 is a bit late for Apple to be launching the iPhone 12 with its previous iteration, iPhone 11, launched a month earlier last year.

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The iPhone 12’s leaks paint a clearer picture of the smartphone more and as expected. If staying with their usual timeline, Apple will have the phones ready by October and begin its pre-order around the second week, October 12. Evan Blass’s e-mail screenshot precisely ends the October 20 pre-orders at 23:59:00, a minute before midnight. The photo did not show what carrier offered the 5G network bundle but confirmed the iPhone 12’s October release. The e-mail welcomes the iPhone 12 and invites users to be the first in experiencing two forefront and leading technologies available to the public. Apple’s iPhone 12 is among the first releases in 2020 to be ‘5G-ready’ and support the rapid data connection speed.

Apple updates its releases every once and a while with the phone’s massive jump in looks and specifications from iPhone 8 to iPhone X, down to the latest iPhone 11. The most valuable company in the world already promises a 5G connectivity in its beloved smartphone and the long-announced iOS 14.

Apple usually pairs a new version of its software with a new phone release, and the iPhone 12 is seeing this pattern again. New chipsets will also power the iPhone 12 with its A13 Bionic chip paired with 6gb RAM and a Hexacore processor.

Apple’s recently patented water ejection system for iPhones is also rumored to be part of the upcoming release from the tech giant, copied from the Apple Watch Series 2.

Leaks also report anticipating a $699 to a whopping $1,200 price tag for the new iPhone 12, without its essential accessories, such as the 20-watt power adaptor and EarPods.

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October’s Anticipated Release: iPhone 12 Expectations


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