Massive increase registered: Facebook disruption causes SMS boom


The serious outage of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram did not only favor the competitor Twitter. Because Facebook itself and its services WhatsApp and Instagram, which belong to the group, did not function for hours on Monday due to a technical problem, cell phone users in Germany sent significantly more text messages.

The number of these short messages increased eightfold during the disruption period on Monday compared to other days, according to Deutsche Telekom.Telefónica and Vodafone each saw a threefold increase – Telefónica for the disruption period and Vodafone for the entire day compared to normal days.

680,000 hours of phone callsThe second effect of the Facebook outage was that significantly more phone calls were made. At Telefónica (O2), mobile phone calls were made between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Monday, resulting in a combined total of 680,000 hours. Looking at the same period of the previous days, the average here was around 500,000 hours: an increase of 36 percent.

In contrast, there were no significant changes among the network operators in the amount of data that ran over the mobile network. This was because word messages and uploaded photos in chats or in social services carry little weight compared with video streaming. These services were available.The Facebook problems also had consequences for the German mobile network operators. The Telekom service hotline received twice as many calls as usual during the disruption period.

Billions of users affected

An unusually long total outage of six hours affected billions of users of the online network Facebook and its subsidiaries on Monday. Facebook explained this with a faulty configuration application. According to the New York Times, Facebook had to send a team to its data center in Santa Clara, California, to attempt a “manual reset” of the servers. This is comparable to a PC at home, where the reset button has to be pressed because nothing works anymore.


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