Microsoft filed the trademark ” Xbox Series, the Xbox Series S (Lockhart) for this year ?


Microsoft may well follow Sony and release a second console to accompany the Xbox Series X. The manufacturer has recently filed the trademark ” Xbox Series “. Is this a sign of the arrival of the Xbox Series S (Lockhart) ?

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The console next-gen Sony comes in two versions : the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. This last turns to the cloud, not a Blu-ray drive and be more affordable. In Microsoftthe speculations are multiplying for some time about the Xbox Series S also referred to as Lokchart. It is the version low-cost of the Xbox Series X therefore, it has no Blu-ray drive and it is less efficient.

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The Xbox Series S will-t-it the Xbox Series X to its output ?

Microsoft has recently filed the trademark ” Xbox Series “. The Xbox Series X will thus not be the only console next-gen of the manufacturer. This brand new confirms the idea that there will be several variations of the machine video game. The first that comes to mind is of course the Xbox Series S.

Given that Sony has planned to launch two consoles with two different prices to suit the needs and budget of each player, it would be logical that Microsoft uses the same strategy. Besides, the head of the branch Xbox, Phil Spencer, had hit two words to our colleagues from GameSpot in December 2019. He had himself confirmed that the name Xbox Series made it possible to create several different versions.

Although all trails lead to an upcoming release of the Xbox Series SMicrosoft has not yet officially announced. In addition, if Lockhart actually sees the day this year, it will be necessary that its price is really interesting. It will not be able to compete with the PS5 Digital Edition if its performance is downgraded compared to the Xbox Series X. The event Inside Xbox the month of July is fast approaching so it is possible that the manufacturer wait for the opportune moment to unveil its console low-cost.

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