Microsoft is interested in buying the division gaming?


As you’ll read in the last few days, according to some rumors, the division of gaming, Warner Bros may be on sale to fix some of the losses recorded by AT&T. Among the companies affected might even be a Microsoft.

A support is the Twitter user Emre Kaya, which in the past has been shown to have sources inside Warner Bros disseminating advance information about movies and TV series. If also this time the insider would have reason, the Microsoft would be seriously interested in acquiring the division of gaming, Warner Bros, and, consequently, to enter into possession of the intellectual property of a certain level as Batman Arkham and Mortal Kombatin addition to the increasingly talked-action RPG set in the world of Harry Potter, and the title of which may be Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy. If the catalogue of exclusive titles Microsoft were to get all of these IP, the war between the colossus of Redmond and Sony might become even more interesting in the future.

About titles in development at the colossus of the entertainment, did you know that according to some rumor Warner Bros would have blocked several projects related to Superman in the course of the last seven years?


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