Minecraft Dungeons (Version Patch Notes and How to Update the Game


The new version of the Minecraft Dungeons has been out on Sept. 8. Version has been rolled out to add the new Creeping Wither DLC, along with some other changes.

Check out the full patch notes below. These include various updates on the game:

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To access the latest content and fixes on Minecraft Dungeons, you first need to update the game with the latest version. This usually happens automatically when the device is in standby mode or even in use while connected to the internet. Check out how to update the Minecraft Dungeons for each platform.

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Creeping Winter DLC


(Photo : Minecraft )
Minecraft Dungeons

Free New Features (All Players)

Take note before updating:

Minecraft Dungeons

(Photo : Minecraft )
Minecraft Dungeons

Xbox One:

PlayStation 4:

Windows 10:

Windows Launcher:

Nintendo Switch:


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