Must-Have Travel Bags With Anti-Theft Features: Your Adventure Awaits


While travel restrictions are presently in place, there are now eased measures, allowing travelers to fly again. When traveling, it is necessary to find the right travel bags that will contain your belongings. However, not every travel bag is created equal. There are those with features that you must look for. Here is Tech Times’ best travel bag picks for 2020.  

Though it may not be a prominent brand in the travel luggage industry, this durable travel backpack is perfect for every digital nomad. This convenient and practical bag has compartments for USB ports, charging cables, and other accessories for your devices. You can also utilize the area where you can connect the earphones while on walks. Perfect for both guided and outdoor tours, this travel bag is a must-have.

You will love this stylish MATEIN travel backpack with anti-theft features, should you desire to leave this in your lodging areas. It is also great for working professionals because it has ample spaces for the laptop and mobile device accessories. 

With the comfortable airflow back design, the bag features thick and soft multi-paneled padding, for better ventilation. Adjustable and breathable shoulder straps will keep you in the right posture when carrying this around.

Peak Design’s travel backpack is not your ordinary choice. The brand makes sure it has the modular bag system that will carry your items with comfort and security. It also meets the international standards for carry-on luggage, coupled with dual expansion zips for more storage.

Your weekend travel getaway bag is at your fingertips. Considered as the largest carry-on compatible porter, this versatile bag is ready just for everything. It features padded sidewalls so your belongings will not get damaged, and quality suspension for easier access at checkpoints.

For laptops, the zipper system is very functional, with various points for access. This is your answer to traveling around when you choose to have a bag than pull-over luggage.

Some individuals want stylish travel bags with the brand. And this Kenneth Cole Reaction travel backpack is sleek, perfect for every business traveler. You can bring this along with you in meetings abroad in your corporate suits, without looking like a backpacker. Its dual exterior holster pockets are ensuring your goods are easy to carry. 

Traveling is a therapy for many, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, everything changes. Airlines, tour agencies, and countries worldwide are promising that everyone can fly once again soon. Find a travel bag that can carry your goods, but is light to bring to your destinations. 

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