OnePlus 8 Pro ‘X-ray camera’ – shocking photos reveal how banned tool can see through CLOTHES


PHOTOS of the innards of telly remotes and even a kitchen hob showcase the “X-ray” powers of a controversial phone snapper built by Chinese tech firm OnePlus.

The company placed restraints on the OnePlus 8 Pro’s “Photochrom” camera in a software update on Wednesday after users reported it could see through thin plastic and even some clothing.

Photos splashed across social media revealed that the infrared lens could peer through the casing of gadgets to reveal the wiring and batteries below.

One alarming image showed that the camera could even read text on a piece of paper hidden underneath someone’s t-shirt.

The camera’s X-ray capabilities were first spotted in May by US tech commentator Ben Geskin.

He posted a video to Twitter showing the 8 Pro’s Photochrom camera looking through the plastic casing of an Apple TV set top box.

The OnePlus 8 Pro’s X-ray feature is very cool to mess about with, so I will be sad to see it removed at some point in the near future now.

Videos posted by other users showed that the lens was capable of spotting the graphics on an iPhone box through someone’s black t-shirt.

The feature only worked on devices with very thin plastic casing, and with select items of clothing.

The OnePlus 8 Pro hit shelves in May and comes with four rear cameras, including the photochrom lens.

Following reports of its unintended see-through skills, OnePlus temporarily blocked the Photochrom camera.

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Following weeks of work on the camera, the Shenzhen firm wiped the camera’s X-ray powers for good in a software update released Wednesday.

“Customers no longer have to worry about the see-through effect,” a OnePlus spokesperson told The Sun on Thursday.

The camera uses an infrared filter to add a unique colour to photos, but the gimmick had a number of unintended side-effects.

Its infrared vision allowed it to see electronics through plastic and clothing, sparking privacy concerns among users.

I finally have an x-ray camera! Used the OnePlus 8 Pro photochrom filter to see inside my Amazon Fire TV cube. ht: @richdemuro who discovered this.

The OnePlus spokesperson told The Sun that Wednesday’s update still allows customers to shoot using the photochrom lens.

However, software tweaks mean the lens can no longer see through objects.

“The new update still allows customers to shoot in the unique photochrom style, and photos are actually clearer than they were before,” they said.

The OnePlus update was announced Wednesday in an official blog post. The spokesperson told The Sun it’s a forced update that users have to download.

In other news, the OnePlus 8 Pro was unveiled in May via an unusual live-streamed event.

It followed the release of the Samsung Galaxy S20 in February – featuring a “Space Zoom” camera.

And, Apple is reportedly working on a futuristic iPhone with no ports or buttons.

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