Polar announces Unite, its new affordable fitness watch for $149.95


It’s also waterproof.

Source: Polar

What you need to know

  • Polar this week announced its cheapest fitness tracker yet, the Polar Unite.
  • The $149 fitness tracker comes with waterproofing and built-in GPS.
  • The watch also boasts personalized workout guides, heart-rate monitoring and more.

Weighing 32 grams, the Polar Unite is the company’s newest fitness tracker — and it’s pretty light on your wallet, too. Going for $149, it’s the company’s cheapest fitness watch yet. For that price, you get a waterproof watch with built-in GPS, heart-rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and what the company claims is a “truly personalized” fitness guide that’ll track “your sleep, recovery, fitness level, and training history to recommend tailored workouts each day.”

“Polar is dedicated to making fitness make sense. There are plenty of fitness wearables on the market, but typically you’re forced to choose between practicality, price and performance,” said the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With Polar Unite, we really focused on these three core challenges, and the result is a truly stunning product that’s packed with all the essential fitness tools and technology you need to get moving, but a price that’s reasonable.”

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The watch also boasts a number of other stats for you to track:

  • With Sleep Plus Stages™, you can track your sleep stages and cycles and get detailed insights into your sleep quality with a Sleep Score each morning.
  • Nightly Recharge™ measures your autonomic nervous system (ANS) recovery, and gives daily feedback on how well you have recovered from the day before.
  • Serene™ helps relax your body and calm your mind with guided breathing exercises.
  • Fitness test: Test your fitness level quickly without breaking a sweat to know where you’re at now to motivate you to start, maintain or increase the level of physical exercise you are doing.
  • Continuous heart rate measurements provide more in-depth insight into how your body responded to daily activities and sleep.
  • The Activity Guide offers insight into how active you’ve been and tips on reaching your daily goal.
  • Smart Calories makes it easy to understand the number of calories burned during training sessions as well as total daily calories based on your personal information and how hard you’re training.

Polar claims the watch should last you up to four days with heart-rate tracking on, though that number will drop to just 40 hours if you’ve got GPS on.

The Polar Unite is already available on the company’s website, starting at €149.90/$149.95. It’s available in black, white, pink, and blue, with two sizes of wristbands included in the box. Additionally accessory bands in other colours or using different materials can also be bought separately on the company’s online store.

Polar Unite

Polar’s most affordable fitnes watch to date, the Polar Unite features a compelling set of features, including heart-rate monitoring, sleep tracking, built-in GPS, and more, plus a bunch of different strap styles for the fashionista in you.

  • $149.95 at Polar

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