Prehistoric ‘Megalodon’ shark was a mammoth 60 FEET long and had teeth the size of bricks, scientists reveal


TERRIFYING prehistoric megalodon sharks may have been even bigger than previously thought.

Scientists have revealed what they think are the true measurements of the ancient creatures with teeth the size of hands and fins the size of humans.

Megalodon sharks are thought to have ruled the ocean millions of years ago.

Fans of the 2018 Jason Statham film ‘The Meg’ should know the gigantic predator well.

Uk researchers from the University of Bristol and Swansea University looked at rare fossils of megalodon teeth and used mathematical calculations to work out their full size.

They think the creature would have grown up to 59 feet (18 metres) in length.

That would make it around four times the size of an average great white shark.

The longest ever great white caught on camera was 20 foot (7 metres) but they are usually around 15 foot (5 metres).

Megalodons are also thought to have weighed a whopping 48 tonnes.

Their teeth where the size of human hands and gave them a crushing bite force of 10 tonnes.

That’s enough to bite you in half.

Its fin is said to have been around the size of a human adult, standing at 5.3 foot (1.62 metres) tall.

The researchers also estimated tail size at 12.6 foot (3.85 metres).

Megalodon sharks are thought to have lived from around 23 million to three million years ago.

It’s thought they would have eaten whales but could have probably preyed on any creature they wanted.

The University of Bristol’s Jack Cooper led the study.

He told CNN: “There have been some fossils found with large serrated bite marks on them that would incriminate megalodon as the attacker.”

The study has been published in the journal Scientific Reports.

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