PS5 Future of Gaming event: Live news and announcements


The PlayStation 5 is coming this holiday season, and while we know the technical specs for the new generation of consoles, we haven’t seen the games … until now.

On Thursday, Sony unveiled the platform’s upcoming lineup during its “The Future of Gaming” event. Here are the games shown off at the event.

The next entry in the Horizon franchise follows protagonist Aloy as she explores beautiful lands dotted with the ruins of the United States of America. Biomes on display include a tropical beach, desert, and snowy mountains, among others. Along the way, she’ll have to battle giant, mechanical beasts and a group of humans who appear to have tamed them.

The new first-person horror game sends Resident Evil 7 protagonist Ethan Winters off to a mysterious village in the woods, where werewolves and witches appear to be running amok. Longtime hero Chris Redfield is back as well.

The new game from Arkane features a character stuck on an island full of people trying to kill him. If the player dies, they are sent back in time via a time loop. The player will have to kill eight important targets to get off the island, using a variety of weapons and evading a talented hunter along the way.

Demon’s Souls kicked off a massive era of success for From Software, laying the foundation for Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and so on. The game didn’t get as much attention as Dark Souls back in the day, but an upcoming remaster or remake offers players a chance to check out this underrated gem.

We don’t know much about Bugsnax yet, but the very weird trailer showed off a charming art style and a mysterious plot.

Basketball fans got a glimpse of the next entry in the NBA 2K series, NBA 2k21, featuring New Orleans Pelicans rookie superstar Zion Williamson.

Little Devil Inside is a cartoonish monster-hunting game. Players explore oceans, swamps, forests, and more, fighting creatures big and small (bear, kraken, giant vampire cat). The action was interspersed by scenes of an old man about town that included an awkward bathroom break.

The trailer shows agents hunting someone or something (presumably series protagonist Agent 47) in the woods, before showing flashes of a mysterious mansion and a futuristic city.

A gameplay trailer showed the player exploring Dubai, as well as some new gadgets. Hitman III is scheduled for January 2021.

The new game from creators of Hyper Light Drifter offers a similarly neon-drenched world, but has players moving with the camera behind their back.

A new game from Gearbox, Godfall appears to be a weapon-based character/action game like Devil May Cry, set in a futuristic Greco-Roman world.

A mysterious trailer for Jett: The Far Shore shows players exploring melancholy alien worlds in a small craft, possibly charting a new course for their people.

The new game from Shinji Mikami’s Tango Gameworks has a new trailer, showing the player exploring a nightmarish future world in first-person and using strange powers to fight enemies who may or may not be real?

Oddworld: Soulstorm brings the classic series back, tasking legendary protagonist Abe with saving his people from a new threat.

One of the strangest titles at the show, Goodbye Volcano High features dinosaurs in high school, playing in a rock band, burning their yearbook, and pondering the future.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a new adventure game starring a female protagonist with magical powers. She uses a staff and her abilities to explore a verdant world along with some tiny, fuzzy creatures who appear to help move objects. There’s also combat, as the player battles gnarly wooden beasts.

Sackboy, the adorable mascot of the level-building platformer franchise Little Big Planet, is back in a new adventure game featuring some colorful characters.

A wild trailer showed off a new exclusive for the PS5, Returnal, which casts players as a female astronaut/space explorer who lands on an alien world where every time she dies, she is reborn and the planet changes.

Cyberpunk cat isn’t a phrase that normally enters conversation, but that’s what Annapurna is offering in Stray, which is set in a moody futuristic city.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions showed off their new project, a PS5 exclusive called Project Athia. The trailer showed a female character leaping across mountainous landscapes and summoning massive roots to grasp enemies.

The Ratchet & Clank franchise is getting a new entry in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. The trailer showed the duo fighting pirates and leaping between worlds, ending with them being separated and Clank stumbling across a character who seems to be a lombax like Ratchet. The game’s developer said the gameplay will involve dimensional rifts that allow players to leap between planets instantly.

The PlayStation’s iconic racing series is back for the new generation, with a gameplay trailer to boot. The footage showed off some immaculately rendered cars and first-person driving.

A new Spider-Man game is on the way, titled Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The trailer showed the alternate universe Spider-Man battling enemies with futuristic armor. The game is coming for holiday season 2020.

Rockstar announced a Grand Theft Auto 5 enhanced edition will be coming to PS5 in 2021 Grand Theft Auto Online will be free for PS5 players at launch.


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