Report: Apple’s ‘Most Affordable’ iPhone 12 5G Starts Its Production Later This Month


Apple’s iPhone 12 series might be starting its production later this month of September, according to an exclusive report from Nikkei Asian Review. Two sources from the media firm revealed this information. However, not only the iPhone 12 series is coming up, but also the speculated Apple AirTags. 

We’ve all seen many iPhone 12 series rumors and speculations over the past months. But Nikkei might be giving us a reliable one, this time. 

New information was released by the firm, based on their two anonymous sources from the company. The juice starts with their sources saying that iPhone 12 5G will begin its mass production mid-September. 

The production will start slowly, and then will be fully functional in late September until early October–until it finishes the mass production of all iPhone 12 models. 

Nikkei noted that Apple will still face a huge problem with the production rate, though. Unlike before, the schedule is expected to fall behind its original plan– which is kind of expected since we have a current pandemic around.

Out of the four iPhone 12 5G models–including two versions of 6.1-inch, 5.4-inch, and the biggest of them all 6.7-inch–the first-mentioned model is expected to be the first iPhone 12 5G that will be released by the brand. 

After all, it is said to be the priority iPhone 12 model to begin its production, which accounts for at least 40% of the iPhone 12 lineup orders. 

Not only that, but 6.1-inch iPhone 12 5G is also the pronounced ‘most affordable’ model out of all the lineup. It has an OLED display with a dual-lens camera. 

Meanwhile, other models include a 5.4-inch smaller iPhone, a more expensive 6.1-inch with triple-camera, and a premium 6.7-inch, which is the largest. 

Sources say that Apple already ordered parts to make up to 80 million 5G iPhones. But another one confirms that the parts can only end up making in between 73 million up to 74 million 5G iPhones. 

So far, Apple has not yet announced whether its annual September unveiling event can still be pushed through. But in comparison with all the dates coming up now, it might be quite impossible for Apple to get this event to pull together within this month.

Surprisingly, Nikkei also revealed another info that most of us may like. The speculated Apple AirTags is said to have started its production.

AirTags is a modern Bluetooth-tracking device that can be attached to any of your devices, keys, or wallets, just in case you lost them or someone stole it. 

This device is expected to be introduced in the latter half of October alongside with iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Series 6. 

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