Ryan Reynolds Suprises the ‘X-Men’ Cast in their Virtual Reunion


Virtual reunions, or those meetings conducted in video conferencing programs such as Zoom, are very popular today that there is a global pandemic threat. People stay at home and work at home, including your favorite Hollywood celebrities. Watch the video to see what happened. 

One of those at-home meetings that became memorable during the weekend was the X-Men cast, both the old and new breed.

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Detective Pikachu lead actor Ryan Reynolds on a whim, “hijacked” and “crashed” the virtual reunion among old and new X-Men cast, Screenrant reported.

The prank war is ongoing between Hugh Jackman, playing the older Wolverine’s role, and Ryan Reynolds from Deadpool. Fans were hoping that Reynolds will be able to reprise his role in X-Men movies or any Marvel and Fox film. It did not push through until the former’s retirement, but X-Men Origins: Wolverine actors managed to have fun even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the years, Jackman and Reynolds have found several years to prank on each other. This is brought alive in a first solo Wolverine movie, initially launching Deadpool.

“The Merc-With-A-Mouth’s first big-screen adaptation was bad, but thankfully the actor was given another crack at bringing him to life in 2016’s sleeper comic book hit, Deadpool. The following year, Jackman officially hung up his Adamantium claws via the acclaimed Logan, retiring the role without making the dream of a Wolverine cameo in a Deadpool movie come true,” Screenrant further reported.

The pair has been talked of the town in Hollywood for being in a clash, and you could see Jackman’s face in the video conference when Reynolds appeared.

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The video conference was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original X-Men movie, with Jackman gathering Professor X, Sir Patrick Stewart, Storm, Halle Berry, and Jean Grey, Famke Janssen in a virtual get-together. Suddenly, Reynolds surprised them.

He was uninvited.

The former Wolverine actor tried to appease himself and probably everyone to explain that it was only for the cast of 2000 movie. Then, James McAvoy, portraying the role of the current Professor X, and Sophie Turner, Jean Grey, also joined in.

Jackson was seen stressed out. But according to the fans, it was “fun chaos.”

Then, the actors started leaving the video conference, leaving both Reynolds and Jackman. To counter the possible argument, Sabretooth Liev Schreiber popped in, making it an X-Men: Origins: Wolverine meet.

There were several comical moments, including Reynolds cracking on how these movies’ timelines never mattered most of the time. This includes the partnership and tie-up with Disney and Fox. There were also words on having a Fantastic Four movie, along with Deadpool.

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