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Enjoy your coffee break with the news, Tech and Pop Culture outputs of the standby (June 17,). Today, new update Fortnite Season 3, Chapter 2, bundle of video games for less than 30€, and not of receivers for the iPhone 12.

New update Fortnite – Season 3 Chapter 2

Epic Games, the publisher behind Fortnite, just update the game to season 3 of chapter 2. As a reminder, Fortnite is a video game type Battle Royal, where one hundred players are trying to survive on an island thanks to the resources present on it. In this update, several new features will arrive with focus on the water starting with the field of play. Indeed, the card for the new season will be under water ! Fortunately, this is only temporary. In his blog post, Epic Games said that the water level will go down over the weeks to reveal the scene. Therefore, we are also seeing new ways to move like the shark or even the car (in addition to the swimming usual).

New weapons, such as splash, the sniper, blow-by-blow or the sub-machine gun P90 also make their return in Fortnite. Finally, with the pass of combat, it will be possible to customize the umbrella that allows you to cushion the fall of the bus in the beginning of the game. The update is already available for download in the Epic Games Launcher.


Bunde 50 video games for only 28€

The fight racial is the fight of all. All sectors are affected and are struggling to fight against racial injustices. Yesterday, the English football clubs have, for the resumption of the English premier league football, played with shirts flocked ” Black Lives Matters “. Today, it is Humble Bundle, which distinguishes itself once again by launching a batch of 50 games dubbed the “Humble Fight for Racial Justice Bundle” for the sum of 28 euros. Follower of the initiatives of this kind, notably in the fight against the Covid-19, Humble Bundle offers 1243 dollars of games, books and comics.

Regarding the games, behemoths such as NBA 2K20 or Football Manager 2020 is available. It is also the first part of the saga, Bioshock re-mastered and numerous books dealing with racial injustices. All profits will be donated in full to the various associations that are National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Race Forward and The Lease Project. Don’t miss the offer, it ends on Tuesday 23 June.


Not headphones for iPhone 12

After the IPhone 11, IPhone 12, should soon point the tip of his nose, and some people think they already know what will contain in its box… or not. In fact, it seems from the rumors from different sources that for its latest model will be not with wired headset to purchase. Until now, apple provided, even add an adapter to compensate for the lack of jack port on its latest models. This “forgetting” voluntary could well be a strategy to encourage its users to buy wired headphone additional, and why is the crack for the famous Airpods, if they are not already equipped. However, the French law requires manufacturers to include the wired headset to reduce exposure to the waves of the French. We may therefore probably hope that the headphones will be present in our country.


It is hoped that the news of the day around iPhone 12, Fortnite, and video games. We meet tomorrow for even more news in a new Coffee Break !

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