So the new Season of “Fortnite is crazy” Games


Fortnite moves into the next round. This time it will be wet and crazier than ever before.

The third Season of the second Chapter of “Fortnite” is now available. Manufacturer Epic Games promises lots of new adventures for the Multiplayer Shooter. The new, flooded map offers players a variety of new opportunities and challenges. But it is not just above the water and on the island there is a lot to discover, but also under the surface of the water. With time, the water masses will go back and new places and ways to put free that were previously inaccessible. New modes of transportation will also rise.

Sharks as mounts

Even if the island radiates with her deep blue waters holiday atmosphere, there are some dangers, such as, for example, marauders – marauders, landed on the island and try to make the players away. Also, Item-hungry sharks fill the waters. Who retains, however, the upper hand against one of the predators of the deep sea, the beast with a fishing docile and thus a fun new way to enjoy movement.

As usual, there is a new battle pass for real money, complete with its own Challenges and the opportunity to create a private screen that can be made to the Drop on the island for all to see.

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