Sony Livestream: What Gamers Wanted to See on PS5 Reveal Event


The long-awaited event is expected to happen soon. Hours from now, Sony PlayStation will be starting the grand reveal event of its newest next-gen gaming console, PS5. The company will finally give what gamers need: the first-ever look on the console, which they described as ‘the future of gaming.’ Where can you watch this event, and what details of the console should you look out for? 

On Thursday, June 11, starting at 1:00 p.m. PT or 9:00 p.m. BST, the Sony PS5 grand reveal event will happen on Youtube or Twitch. And you can watch it in the comfort of your homes. 

Last week, Sony delayed the official date of the PS5 grand reveal live stream. The management said that there were a lot of happenings in the United States due to several protests on ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the death of black man, George Floyd– that’s why it was canceled.

“There are moments in life when something happens around you, and you realize that what you’ve been doing is either not big enough, not good enough, or just wrong. This is such a moment,” Sony said at the time. “We are going to take a good hard look at how we behave as a company, and how we behave towards our community.”  

But starting tomorrow, everything will change. 

Besides the first look at the much-awaited PS5 console, a lot of things must be watched during the event.

All of the new video games of PS5 are expected to be seen in the event. Gamers also hope that the console’s custom Solid State Drive (SSD) will be seen live on the action. 

“We can reasonably expect to see first-party software in action from real PS5 hardware,” Mark Reed, managing director at Heaven Media, told the BBC. “Days of pre-rendered footage and trailers are coming to an end, and Sony knows that gamers expect to see real games on real hardware.”

Since it is going to be a “more than an hour” program, every second count, unfortunately, what’s bad about this event is its slightly poor video quality. 

Sony said it will be available to be live-streamed at 1080p resolution. So in case, you got a 4K TV, you might be able to fix this minor video issue. 

Using headphones during the grand reveal event can also help you watch “some of its cool audio work.”

So, let’s be ready for the countdown later.

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