Studio MDHR’s Adorable ‘Cuphead’ Toys Now Available at Arby’s—Why is This Character Getting All the Love?


Canadian video game developer, StudioMDHR, now releases a toy franchise for its famous character and title, ‘Cuphead,’ a retro-looking and adorable cartoon that has a cup and straw for its head. StudioMDHR’s 2017 title retains its fame and popularity among fans that gathered a cult-like following, spanning the character’s franchise to comic books and even a Netflix adaptation.

Canadian developer, StudioMDHR, lives every video game company’s dream with its title, Cuphead, spanning to different franchises such as comic books, apparel, art books, video game, and a soon-to-launch 2021 Netflix cartoon.


Now, the company’s ‘Cuphead’ franchise comes to Arby’s, the famous American fast-food chain of restaurants loved by families across the country. The all-new toys are not the expected action figures or standees of the beloved characters. Instead, StudioMDHR offers four token with four launchers of the game’s heroes and cardboard cut-outs that assembles the villains.

The toys present a retro ‘feel’ with a simple toy and cardboard cut-outs that will require people a do-it-yourself assembly of the villains. The disc launcher represented by the heroes may be used to shoot against the cut-out villains to defeat the menaces to Cuphead.

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The ‘run and gun’ video game by StudioMDHR entitled Cuphead was released in 2017 and resulted in worldwide success. Cuphead was released on the computer platform and had a whopping and perfect 10 out of 10 Steam rating from its users.

At first glance, users could mistake ‘Cuphead’ and the entire game based on an old cartoon character that most kids loved during the 1920s and 1930s. However, despite the game’s retro-look, it was not from old television cartoons and an original conception of the studio and developer.

Fandom compares Cuphead’s art style to be the same as the retro-cartoons that aired on television sets in the 1930s. The video game’s art style set itself apart from today’s releases that mainly focused on hyper-realistic graphics and content.

Cuphead’s gameplay also plays a significant role in its popularity and success. It leaned more on the retro-platform games that run and dashes across a field to reach a destination or level. The title gives the main character, Cuphead, an ability that enables it to release blue ‘laser bullets’ that immediately decimates the enemy that runs toward the character.

As a typical platform game, the character can dash, jump, spin, and walk across the landscape, utilizing the game’s simplicity to traverse the complex world of Inkwell Isles. Players can choose to journey with Cuphead and his brother, Mugman, across the challenging game and its exotic locations to pay their debt to the devil.

StudioMDHR’s retro-looking characters and its game found a complete success among the public during its release in 2017. The goofy-looking title has more than three million copies sold internationally and on its different platforms, primarily on Steam.

The game is also available on the Nintendo Switch platform, offering the same story and experience to gamers.

Apart from Arby’s release of toys and collectibles, Cuphead also sees itself to be adapted as a cartoon show in the massive media and entertainment giant Netflix that will come in 2021.

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