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16. June, 2020 01:06 PM Reading time: 1 Minute

No more, is it since approx. 0.00 h for many of the customers of Telekom. The cellular service is disrupted, customers have no network and cannot make calls and surf.

Our fault detectors for the Telecom reports since approx. midnight on 16.06.2020 massive disruptions in the mobile network. Affected is also one of our company cell phones, the function of a Discounter in the Telecom network – nothing more.

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Notifications to affected customers on Twitter. A reaction on the part of the German Telekom, there is not yet. On the Severity of the disorder can therefore only speculate; the rashes of our disorder detector after midnight, but on a massive and nationwide Problem.

We will keep this disruption for you and inform you as soon as the fault is corrected, or for details of the scope and expected is known duration of the disorder.

Affected cities and regions

  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Hamburg
  • Berlin
  • Munich

Most Common Disorders

  • Problem with Magenta SmartHome (3,11%)
  • Login (1,09%)
  • mobile network (42,91%)
  • Internet connection (36,63%)
  • Telephone connection (15,27%)
  • Website (0,99%)

Malfunction of

We continuously measure the availability of the servers and services of Telekom and show you any problems or disorders. Here you will find the current Fault Status for Telecom, Support-addresses and messages from the manufacturer to this Problem. There you can see also, whether the disorder is a local or national Problem.

Current faults and problems you see in our fault. There, we list for you the most important Internet provider, network service provider, Online games and Streaming services. If there is a Problem with your own line, you can also test with our Speedtest.

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