Terminator to Join Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint For Limited Time Only


Ubisoft is back at it again with a spin-off from the Terminator, which will go live on Wednesday, Jan. 29. For fans, this was not far from reality because of what happened in the previous installment, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, when they introduced the Predator to the universe.

Ubisoft showed a very short trailer about The Terminator arriving at the map but not anything else. They have been secretive about the whole thing and keeping things under wraps. When we do compare this event from the Predator event in Wildlands, we’d pretty much expect it to go the same way.

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For those who don’t know what happened in the previous installments Predator visit to the Wildlands, it mainly goes like this. You find an NPC that looks strikingly similar to a person in a movie, in which they let you do some quests that set the scene for the eventual big boss fight. In those side quests, it tells a background of the arrival of the Predator. However, but for this case, the Terminator. Brings back nostalgia by showing you some clues and hits that the Terminator has been there and what havoc it wrecked until you eventually fight the almost immortal enemy that usually has two deadly moves that are instant K.O. for you, the player. 

Master the moves quickly, and you’d be able to breeze through the quest in no time. Now despite the almost obvious plot, it still gives fans a chance to be able to fight a Terminator from the future and be able to use all the tricks a Ghost has to offer and see who will come out on top. 

This expansion serves as another ploy of Ubisoft to bring fans of the Terminator genre to the fold of Tom Clancy’s world, as the 11th installment to the series of Tom Clancy franchise, and it’s reviews are disappointing, to say the least.

Little did you know if you’re not in the loop, the Terminator had cameos in Mortal Kombat 11 and Gears of War 5 last year, respectively, so this isn’t his first time crossing over into different dimensions. However, we will have to wait and if this can be an overwhelming success to bring both old and new players alike back into the fold. 

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is overall a bad game, and Ubisoft already voiced out their displeasure for attracting people to this game because the game has no identity whatsoever. It blatantly borrows almost everything from under Ubisoft titles and tries to make it work by merging all the good ideas. What this does, in turn, is Breakpoint is now a joke for Ubisoft, but they are trying their best to find ways to still fix the game somewhat by adding the event mode as well as fixing issues and bugs in the game. The question here is, will it be enough? For more news, stay tuned here at Tech Times!

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