The impressive way in which the Apple Watch ejects water


Although the Apple Watch it is able to expel water from its interior from the Series 2launched in 2016, the way that it does still impressive.

The speaker of the Apple Watch vibrates at a frequency that causes your diaphragm to move at a speed high enough to move small amounts of water left in the inside of the device.

Now the popular YouTube channel, Slo Mo Guys have made a video showing how to operate the eject mechanism. The video starts at 1,000 frames per second, 40 times slower than reality.

But after the show, at 2,000 frames per second, that is to say, 80 times slower than reality. Since the amount of ejected water is minimal, the video is done with a macro lens.

Is a solution highly creative product of the industrial design team of Apple Watch.

Does the mechanism of expulsion of water from the Apple Watch works the other way around?

In a moment of the video happens an interesting thing: wonder if the mechanism of expulsion of water from the Apple Watch would work the other way around.

To test, immerse the watch into the water, to activate the mechanism. Indeed, it expels air and bubbles are formed.

It is an interesting way to better understand how the system works, of expulsion, and how Apple has designed it to use a loudspeaker to draw water.


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