The Last of Us Part 2: Where to find a shotgun early


Pick up this handy shotgun a short ways into your travels.

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**Please be aware that there some some very, very mild character spoilers in the following guide. **

There’s a wide variety of weapons to acquire in The Last of Us Part II. Since dangerous infected and hostile human factions lurk everywhere, you’ll need to be vigilant and snatch every weapon you can to even the odds. One of the easiest guns you can grab early on is a shotgun. Here’s how you can find it.

Where to find a shotgun in The Last of Us Part 2

Early on in your travels through Seattle – Day 1, you’ll quickly get to a portion where you have a map, marking off different locations you’ve visited. Amusingly enough, the steps for finding a shotgun are basically the same as finding Nathan Drake’s ring for a trophy, as both are found in the same room.

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  1. Make your way to Westlake Bank.
  2. It’s a large building and difficult to miss but you can see the exterior and its location on the map below.

    Source: Android Central

  3. The bank is located on the question mark on the map above.
  4. Make your way inside the bank.
  5. You’ll need to clear a few infected.
  6. In the back of the bank, you’ll find the locked vault.
  7. The code to get in is on a document nearby.

    Source: Android Central

  8. The code is: 60-23-06.
  9. Enter the vault and the shotgun will be on a skeleton directly in front of you.

    Source: Android Central

Now, enjoy your newfound firepower and use it to brutally put down any foes in your way.

The Last of Us Part II isn’t a journey to be missed

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