The state is put into the battle to rescue the airline, Smartwings. Can get a guarantee of up to 900 million — CT24 — Czech television


The intention of the state to help the airline, Smartwings přetlumočil the minister of transport and of industry and trade Karel Havlíček (for YES). The one thing discussed with the president Miloš Zeman and his expert team at the castle in Lány.

Airline Smartwings, whose minority owner is the chinese state-owned conglomerate Citic Group, will be according to Havlíček need to do, to withstand a loss because of the coronavirus, the amount of between two billion and 2.2 billion.

The owners would be able to come on the ten years of dividends

“At the moment we are discussing the amount of the guarantee, which would be between 500 million and 900 million crowns,” said the minister. Himself would prefer a guarantee in the amount of $ 800 million. On the conditions for the granting of the guarantee is according to Havlíček consensus with the owners, belong to them and the key role of the state in the creditor committee of the company and stopping the payment of dividends to owners of the company for ten years.

Next to the chinese Citic Group’s stake in Smartwings also Unimex Group, which is owned entrepreneurs Jiří Šimáně and Jaromír Šmejkal. Their company according to the annual report included the end of 2018, eleven percent of the shares – the same proportion had Roman Vik, who is the general director Smartwings.

About help for Smartwings talking the last few weeks. Representatives of the government, including the prime minister Andrej Babis (ano) option of support conceded, according to them, is a strategic undertaking. Help, on the contrary does not support finance minister Alena Schiller (for YES) to one firm, according to her, it is not possible to access it differently than other businesses.



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