There is a great discrepancy between the press and the Fans


“The Last of Us Part 2” splits, apparently, the Community. While the latest hit game from Naughty Dog is praised on Metacritic in the sky, the majority of the users critique the bad reviews.

More specifically, more than twice as many of the negatives than positive reviews. The Metascore is 95 out of a possible 100 points, based on currently 94 reviews. The user core is at a mere 3.4 – currently over 6000 negative reviews.

Cause of the many negative reviews should be the plot, which can’t hold a candle to the predecessor, allegedly the water.

The story was less well staged and the characters would develop in the wrong direction. Other Users criticize the high degree of violence in the game, which is probably higher than in the predecessor. The Gameplay of the game, the User have nothing to complain about.

“The Last of Us Part 2” seems to be a Review-to be Bombing victims.

With these user reviews, you should not, however, for a number of reasons to seriously. Often it is not objective criticism, but reviews that have been written as a result of negative emotions. Some players are disappointed for certain reasons and have simply expected something Else from the game.

In addition, Neil is accused of pressure man, the Vice-President and creative Director of Naughty Dog, in terms of the many Leaks in the run-up to a lie. In some of them he claimed that they would not vote. The surfaced Leaks have been taken care of, with the Fans already in April for displeasure.

In addition, it is “the Last of Us Part 2”, in General, a polarizing video game.

Here, there is always another side to it that can’t understand the Hype of a particular game. This part does not fall by its significant depiction of violence, which appeals to every player.

Fans discuss on Reddit

Especially on Reddit, great excitement prevails at the Moment. There, the Community is discussing working on and their personal opinion.

Many Fans Express their Frustration and spread negative comments about the new part of “The Last Of Us”. A User announces even, the game will immediately bring back. Between these comments, but there are also a lot of positive Feedback from some Fans.

In the press, however, the game receives positive reviews and is now titled as a masterpiece.

On The Subject Of

As long as your “The Last of Us Part 2” may not have even played, you should steer clear of your pages, such as Reddit, as there are many spoilers and negative comments are in circulation, which could take away the fun of the game.

We recommend, of course, to make the game even once to play through and come up with your own opinion.

You can understand the negative reviews of some User?

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