[TIPS] ‘The Last of Us 2’: Which Skills to Upgrade; Here’s Why TLOU’s Opening Is One of the Most Effective in Gaming


“The Last of Us” is still considered as having the best opening in the gaming industry, according to reports. Meanwhile, Attack of the Fan Boy (AOTF) provided the skills in TLOU 2 which should be upgraded for a better gaming experience.

According to AOTF’s latest report, although Ellie is back and stronger than ever in “The Last of Us Part 2,” players can still make the character stronger than the current state. It was confirmed that the skill upgrades, which have returned from the previous game, changed only slightly in terms of how they are used in the game.

With a hard split halfway through the game in terms of its availability, the players can unlock different paths of potential upgrades throughout the campaign. The tips provided focuses on the first part, however, the upgrades will depend on the choices the players will make as they go further in the game.

The report suggested that players need to focus first on upgrading the characters’ balance, but they can also focus on combat or stealth upgrades if they prefer. A few key skill upgrades, such as Endure, an overall health increase, and faster health kits  are available in the initial Survival branch.

Crafting skill upgrades can be avoided since they usually end up as time savers rather than game-changers in the actual game. A player can get a huge boost by crafting melee upgrades. However, if they’re taking a lot of damage, upgrading the health kit efficiency will be a better option.

A ton of meds must be dumped since it will be useful for almost all types of players after stealth options are unlocked. Whenever a player has extra meds, they can keep jumping in the initial Survival branch while buying items they want.

Precision is also very essential in the game. Players might want to save some pills since Precision and Stealth are both unlocked later in the game. Other upgrades for holding breath, aim stability, addition arrow crafting, and extended listen mode range are also useful.

According to AOTF’s report, the opening sequence of TLOU is still the best one since it showcased the most heartbreaking video game moments of all time instead of just showing how the world of TLOU came to be. This makes players want to revisit the game over and over again, especially with the release of “The Last of Us 2.” The opening was made perfect, not only by the gut-wrenching moment that sets the tone, but also by the payoff of Sarah and later Ellie.  

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