To the Czech republic, heading two new discount chain


Chain Pepco, Kik or Tiger will get a new competition. Dozens of discount stores with non-food goods they want to in the Czech republic to open a German that is to say, and the Dutch Action.

That is to say, open the first two branches on Thursday, 16. July, and in the Prostějov and Opava. Writes about this site MediaGuru, with reference to the representative of the company Aline Grundovou.

The company wanted to originally open the first five to six stores in the Czech republic during may and June, due to the coronavirus, however, the plan has slowed down.

Already in April he had to enter the Czech republic, the Dutch string Action, according to the information of the site Mediaguru but come a few months later. Even in his case it’s about the delay due to the coronavirus.

“I can confirm that the Action comes to the Czech republic in the third quarter of this year. Where and when exactly happens, we’ll communicate later,“ says Inge van Baarsenová from the print department of the company.

Similarly, as the Pepco and Kik head and new chain mostly in so-called retail parks, or business centers. They should have similar sales area, wrote already in January, the MF Today.

Kik was in the Czech republic at the beginning of the year 220 outlets, this year he wants to roughly ten to add, at the same time modernizes older. Pepco has two hundreds of shops, gradually wants to move closer to three hundred.


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