Top 5 Amazon Pet Location Devices So You Won’t Lose Your Pet Again


Have you ever experience losing your pet in a park, or even at your home? This is one of the most common problems of all pet owners out there. But here are the devices you need to stop this from happening again. Amazon store offers the top quality brands for pet location devices that you can easily use, anytime and anywhere.

Bartun GPS Pet Tracker

For a low price, Bartun’s GPS Pet tracker has all the amazing features needed for your pet. This device has a real-time tracker that works for GPS satellites, locating and monitoring remote targets by SMS, APP, and Internet, which displays location information accurately.If you’re worried about hurting your dog, the device guarantees its mini-sized collar for your pets. It can be extended to 14 inches, so your pet won’t get hurt by the collar. Above all, it is available on Amazon! 

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

With only limited products on Amazon, FitBark has the second spot to the list as this device, not only tracks your pet– it also offers to monitor your pet holistically.It records activity levels, quality of sleep, distance traveled, calories burned, and overall health 24-7. If you’re stuck in the office and want to know how your pet is doing, users can connect the device to your Apple Watch, Health Kit, and even Google Fit devices! 

Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker

For a fair price every month, users can get more connected with their pets using Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker, available in limited stock on Amazon!

Unlike other pet finders, this device has a ‘safe zone’ feature that lets you set your dog in a virtual safe fence. It has a rechargeable battery and even a worldwide tracking zone for any of your pets! Find the product on Amazon now! 

Loc8tor Pet Tracker

Tagged as America’s number one pet tracker in the country, Loc8tor Pet tracker has everything you need to make your pet safer than ever.

It has easy features to locate your pets even 1-inch away, which is said to be more accurate than pet GPS trackers, and interestingly, it offers no subscription fees. 

Whistle GO & GO Explore

Last but definitely not the least, Whistle GO & GO has all the things you need to have in a pet tracker device.

Whistle GO & GO is Amazon’s top-selling pet tracker device in the store. With its cute color, it can do real-time location tracking, health monitoring, and activity tracking, so you will know where your dog went. Find the product now on Amazon! 

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