Tricks to pass the MOT after the desescalada


The desescalada to the “new normal” brings with it changes. After a few weeks without service, from phase 1, the stations of Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) have reopened their doors in all of Spain. Cater to users by appointment and in the visit you must respect the security and hygiene measures, such as the mandatory use of a mask. Continental shares some keys to the set point of the vehicle, after weeks of standing, which will help the drivers to overcome this technical inspection.

The Government has reported several developments on the maturity of this inspection. The initial 30-day extension, it is necessary to add now 15 calendar days for each week that has elapsed since the start of this period until it would have expired the certificate. In the order of the BOE expands so staggering, the automatic extension.

In the first place, to conduct the MOT, it is very important to bring the necessary documentation. These documents are essential to prove ownership of the vehicle and the registration. It is necessary to possess:

-The Technical data Sheet, also called ITV Card (if it has been previously ITV).

-The Permit for the vehicle.

-Accreditation of the compulsory insurance of the vehicle. It is mandatory to carry proof of payment of the insurance of the car.

-In some provinces, the ID of the driver of the vehicle (not the owner).

But, in addition to the documentation required, what is more important is the state of the vehicle. It is advisable to make a prior review and to check, among others, the lighting, the security elements such as belts or windshield wipers, in the case of cars. Regarding the tires, a key element in the security that represents the single point of contact between the vehicle and the road, it is important to pay special attention.

It should be recalled that the revision of the pressure of the wheels of the car must be done at least once a month in normal circumstances. However, after a period in which our car has remained stationary, to make this revision is crucial as it is very likely that you have lost pressure.

In addition to the pressure, it is advisable to check the wear of the tires and that these do not have cracks or deformities. Do not overcome the test if the tires have a depth of drawing is better than 1.6 mm, although from Continental recall that the ideal is a minimum of 3 mm in the case of summer tires and all-season tires and a minimum of 4 mm for winter tires. .


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