Unclaimed Baggage Luggage Store Is Finally Selling Their Lost Items Online After 50 Years


Unclaimed Baggage, the store that collects and sells unclaimed items from all domestic airlines, has finally decided to sell their items online after 50 years of store-only business, according to a Fox News report.

In a tweet shared on Thursday, June 18, Unclaimed Baggage announced the launch of its online store with a video showing the items that can be found in the store. The company has decided to go online so people can shop from the comfort of their homes, especially during the pandemic.

The move has been long delayed as millions of visitors from across the globe have flocked to Unclaimed Baggage’s Alabama store for the past 50 years.

“Our customers have long requested an online version of our in-store shopping experience,” Doyle Owens, the store’s founder, told Business Insider. “We’re glad that as part of our 50th anniversary, shoppers are now able to experience the thrill of the hunt online.”

According to the company website, Alabama-native Doyle Owens founded Unclaimed Baggage in 1970 when he bought unclaimed luggage from Trailways Bus Line in Washington, D.C. Owens made his first partnership with an airline in 1978, which eventually grew to various contracts with all U.S. airlines. The company prides itself on being the only U.S. retail store that is allowed to sell unclaimed airline luggage.

While airlines “reunite over 99.5% of bags with their owners right away,” they pay out a claim to passengers if their bags are truly lost. After an extensive search for the owner for three months, “an unclaimed bag is deemed truly orphaned.”

The website also said that only about “0.03% of all checked luggage” face such a fate. “That’s where we come in,” said Owen. Unclaimed Baggage purchases all unclaimed bags and resells only about a third of all items they find, which is usually about 7,000 items every day. They then donate, recycle, or dispose of the other items found in the haul.

Since the company began, it has only operated from its store in Scottsboro, Alabama. The company launched its online store to cater to more customers who have been confined in their homes. “We’re so excited to offer you this new opportunity to give a second life to these unclaimed items,” the website said.

The online store is almost similar to Macy’s, JC Penney, and other popular department stores. Items are categorized for women, men, and children. There are also items sections for entertainment, lifestyle as well as high-priced jewelry and rare items. High-end items are found in the “Unusual Finds” section.

Some of the items are an 18-karat diamond ring that sells for $5,985.99 and a Chanel tweed jacket and skirt set for $1,200.99. In the store’s jewelry section, the most expensive item is a 7-inch diamond tennis bracelet that is priced at $8,720.99.

Meanwhile, the budget-conscious may check some great deals like the venom extractor kit from Archer MedTech sold for $6.29, 60% less than its full retail price of $15.95 from its website. Online shoppers may also find a great array of clothing–although they are mostly available in one size. Meanwhile, unsold items will be donated to charity as part of the store’s “Reclaimed for Good” program.

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