[VIDEO] Minecraft With RTX Is Now Available; Here’s What It Looks Like


Minecraft’s RTX Beta version is now available for its loyal fans to enjoy. According to Venture Beat’s report, Ray-tracing or RTX is currently available on the Windows 10 version which allows players to immerse themselves in new-generation lighting technology in the popular block-building game.

Eurogamer’s report explained that RTX or path-tracing is one of the most transformative uses of ray-tracing in Minecraft. The new version of Minecraft uses a large amount of GPU power which can push ray-traced effects to extreme levels–even if the game’s trademark visuals are simple.

The new version of the game runs under the DirectX ray-tracing API. Minecraft developers teamed up with Nvidia to create path-tracing that produces spectacular effects including in the new bespoke maps from Minecraft marketplace, which are now available for the players to download.

The release of the RTX version of Minecraft also looks at the debut of its physical-based materials, allowing users to automatically add new textures on any of the new creator maps, while also providing them the option to create their own materials and to “side-load” in the game. For some players, this  update may just add to the game’s already addicting format. 

Most games using ray-tracing provide players with hybrid rendering, a combination of standard rasterization features with ray tracing features. This new version of Minecraft produces visual effects that have never been seen before in previous versions; everything is ray traced, which creates realistic-looking game elements.

According to the review of Venture Beat, the visual quality of Minecraft’s RTX Beta version shown in the video, posted on Youtube by NVIDIA GeForce, shows the spectacular quality of the game’s effects.

However, it also stated that ray-tracing causes a massive drag on the framerate of every RTX-capable game. Over 144 frames per second can be achieved when ray-tracing is off on an RTX 2080 Ti video card with a feature of i9-9900K. However, the frame rate can drop to the 30-50 frames per second range when the RTX is switched on.

NVIDIA clarified that the new beta version will provide players with a “playable framerates” feature. The company is relying on deep learning super sampling or DLSS, which is one of the new features they developed. It uses an AI algorithm that rebuilds a lower-response framework into high-definition visuals at 1080p or 4K.

According to the review, the impressive visual effects are most noticeable when a player stops to specifically look for them during the game. When a player just plays the game as usual, the ray-tracing elements will start to appear in the new beta version making the visual environment more realistic.


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