[VIRAL] Even This Swan Wants You to Wear Mask.. Look How It Hilariously Fix the Lady’s Face Covering


When the global pandemic, caused by the novel coronavirus, was just starting, people can’t deny that at some point, they’re not wearing face masks when going out to the public. Most of the people are now using face shields and face masks.

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However, some of them are not wearing their face coverings properly. Some are pulling the classic “chin-strap,” while others are leaving their nose open and uncovered.

One swan gave a simple lesson to one of these people by fixing the woman’s face mask for her. A video posted to Twitter on Sept. 10 quickly went viral after a rogue swan reminded one unfortunate passerby how to wear a mask during the pandemic properly.

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The incident happened after a woman knelt down to say hello to the bird. However, the swan suddenly grabbed her mask below her chin and snapped it over her nose and mouse, covering almost her entire face.

“Trying to protect itself from COVID, fair play Mate,” commented one of the Twitter users.

“After having the rona for a 2nd time this is exactly how I’m coming. Don’t come near me without a mask or I’m running ya mf top back. That’s a promise,” replied another one.

The swan’s video is currently the internet’s favorite. It generated more than 2,000 comments, 84,000 retweets, and 217,000 likes as of the moment. One user said that the bird is following directions better than humans.

Another user commented that even the animals are fed up with people not wearing or properly wearing face masks. On the other hand, the woman is still lucky to get away unharmed since swans are known to be aggressive creatures, attacking anyone near them.

The large bird’s action serves as a reminder that people’s face masks should cover both their noses and mouths while in public. Face coverings combined with social distancing, thorough hand-washing, and visiting the doctor if any symptoms appear is an effective way to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Hope the video gave the viewers an important lesson during the global pandemic.

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