[VIRAL] KFC Has a Gaming Console? Here’s the Bucket of Answers


KFC (previously called Kentucky Fried Chicken) has unveiled its newest offering for KFC fans. Surprisingly, its not a new flavor of fried chicken, its a new gaming console called KFConsole. While the world cannot get over on Sony’s PS5 release last week and the Xbox Series X scheduled launch anytime soon, the famous fast-food chain also enters the gaming market. Is it true, though? Here’s the bucket… of answers.

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There’s a trending keyword on Twitter over the weekend. KFC, a famous chicken fast-food chain worldwide, rumors on launching a gaming console is allegedly called “4K, 120 FPS” or the KFConsole. Like a standard gaming console like Xbox or PlayStation, it has a power button, a disc drive, and red lights that advise power consumption.

On Friday, June 12, the KFC Gaming twitter page revealed the teaser trailer for the console while quoting PS5’s line “the future of gaming is here,” adding “Introducing the KFConsole. #PowerYourHunger.”

Sorry to burst your bubble, though. The said gaming console may have been just a marketing strategy for the fast-food chain. CNET reported that the new KFConsole has no basis after all. In fact, it was meant to be a joke during the hype on PS5 grand reveal. The KFConsole device has a release date of Nov. 12– supposedly this year. But, of course, that was meant to be a hilarious joke for the fans. It was not yet known whether the KFC would be having further marketing stunts with this new console or not. But for now, KFC has nothing to confirm nor deny with this claim.

Just in case, KFC changed their mindset and continue this awesome surprise for all gamers and KFC fans in the world. These are some of the specs on the device that you can get– if it is true, after all. This KFConsole has bucket-style built hardware, just like its standard bucket. Aside from that, it also has cross-platform compatibility, which means that it could play both the new Xbox and PS5 games, which are available within the holidays 2020. To make it more appealing, KFConsole even has a chicken chamber that can cook chicken while playing your favorite video games! Isn’t that amazing? Interestingly, despite the fake claims, fans seemed to be more excited than ever.  

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