[VIRAL VIDEO] ‘Black is King’: What You Don’t Know about Beyonce’s Disney+ Film


On Sunday, June 28, top American-singer songwriter Beyonce unveils its fully-produced, directed, and written film about the Black race. “Black is King” will begin its premiere showing on Disney Plus on July 31. Here’s everything you missed out during the one minute and 10 seconds teaser trailer. 

When the world was resting after a long and tiring week, the weekend just began, and it was created more spectacular– thanks to Beyonce.

On Sunday, June 28, the world-renowned song artist released it is very first and said to be a top-notched movie about the ‘Black’ race and history.

Based on the teaser trailer, the Beyonce film titled ‘Black is King’–that will be aired on Disney Plus in July 31– will feature the history of the Black race and to celebrate the “beauty of Black ancestry” through the decades.

Here are some of the things you possibly missed out during that short trailer:

Unknown by some people, Beyonce did not just release the trailer of ‘Black is King’ for promotion. She was the main source of the film. USA Today confirms that the international singer written, directed, and executive produced this film.

“Black Is King” is a labor of love. It is my passion project that I have been filming, researching, and editing day and night for the past year. I’ve given it my all, and now it’s yours,” said Beyonce.

Many of the tweets about the newly-released trailer of ‘Black is King’ found resemblances with the famous 1994 classic film ‘The Lion King.’ The Beyonce and The Lion King connection was even made stronger when fans remembered that Beyonce voiced as ‘Nala’ on the 2019 animated remake of the Disney film.

Beyonce even confirmed the connection with her Instagram account, saying, “It was originally filmed as a companion piece to “The Lion King: The Gift” soundtrack and meant to celebrate the breadth and beauty of Black ancestry.”

Storyline behind the trailer Some people honestly did not like the trailer of ‘Black is King.’ Maybe due to its kind of creepy look for some people. But most of them, loved the trailer so much that they even made assumptions of the real meaning behind the over one minute trailer.

The trailer starts with Beyonce saying, “The journey is a gift” as the camera focuses in on a royal family. A man asks, “Who are you?” Then a man answers, “OK, I’m not a king yet, but I feel like I’ve got potential for you. But I’m not there yet, I have to say.”  “The ancestors never left you,” Beyoncé says in another voice-over. “You can’t wear a crown with your head down.” We still don’t know what these meant. But fans are now very excited. 

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