[VIRAL VIDEO] Find Out Why ‘Great White Shark’ Was Found 10 Ft. Away Shore in Cape Cod


Over the Labor Day weekend, a surprising guest was seen by beachgoers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. An estimated 12-14 feet tall, 3-4 feet wide great white shark unexpectedly shown its fin above the ocean, located less than 10 feet away from the shore. Instead of running away, some citizens even tried to swim and take a closer look at the deadly shark.

It seems the year 2020 is not yet done for most of the beachgoers in Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Not only did they see seals near the shore, but one of the deadliest sharks in the world called the Great White Shark, was found at least 10 feet away from the people, standing at the shore.

As Tamzen Tortolani McKenzie narrated on her Facebook post, she went out for the beach on Sunday, Sept. 6. Most often, they will see seals hanging on the beach shore.

However, that particular day was different from any other day. The seals remained to stay on the shore, despite people moving closer to them. It was odd.

Until a friend of McKenzie named, Peter said to her that the seals were not moving since there was a shark lurking near them.

NDTV reported that there were still swimmers on the beach when this conversation started. Then, after a couple of hours, everyone on the beach found the unique pointy large fin of the shark, swimming in the ocean.

McKenzie said that the shark might have been near the shore with a distance estimated less than 10 feet away from them.

Based on research, seals are common prey of great white sharks. So theory suggests that this might be the reason behind the shark’s presence. 

Once you see a great white shark in the ocean, the first body reflex is to get so far away from it.

However, beachgoers from McKenzie’s post did otherwise, as shown in the images above. 

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy noted that this month is one of the considered ‘shark months.’ From August until October, the presence of white sharks in the ocean is expected to increase more.


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