[VIRAL] Vogue’s New Model Has a Down Syndrome— and it is Just so Lovely


With all the happenings around the world, an aspiring model with Down Syndrome gets the spotlight in the recent Italian Vogue magazine issue. Despite her condition, the 18-year-old model continues to strive to be part of her dream career and conquer the milestones in becoming an international model. Here’s the story of Ellie. 

Ellie Goldstein, an 18-year-old model from Ilford, Essex in England, made a breathtaking and inspiring story to those who wanted to be a model at a young age.

According to Daily Mail UK, Ellie is just a normal teenager that loves to model products from different brands and companies. Her parents said that Ellie is always cheerful when it comes to modeling– which made her where she is right now.

In fact, it even exceeds what people are thinking. Ellie, though a normal teenager, has a disability called Down Syndrome.

As explained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Down Syndrome is when a person has a condition in which he or she has an extra chromosome in his or her body. It is normally diagnosed once birth.

Most of the people that have Down Syndrome do look alike with facial features like a flattened face, especially the bridge of the nose; almond-shaped eyes that slant up, a short neck, Small ears, a tongue that tends to stick out of the mouth, tiny white spots on the iris (colored part) of the eye, and small hands and feet.

These are just their facial features. Most of them also lack in intelligence or understanding. And sometimes slower to speak than normal kids.

Despite these obstacles, Ellie continues to aim for what she wanted in life: to become a model.

Recently, Gucci’s Mascara L’Obscur posted her picture while she holds their product with her hands and her beautiful smile. Ellie said that she was very happy when the photoshoot started.

“I really enjoyed the modelling and loved wearing the Gucci dress. I’m really proud of the photo shoot,” said by her.

“We’re all incredible proud of Ellie and all the lovely comments she has had on Gucci’s Instagram,” her mother said in the interview.

As of now, the Instagram post of Gucci with her image currently reaches over 800,000 likes.


It is not the first time that a person with a disability gets the limelight in the fashion industry.

Another famous model with Down Syndrome named Madeline Stuart from Australia also gets the runway. She has become the first person with Down Syndrome to do a catwalk in front of millions of fashion models and critiques. 

Also, do not forget Jamie Brewer, an actress who appeared in one of the series of American Horror Story.

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