Volkswagen CEO Test Drives Model Y, Mentions Advantage Over ID.3, Advises Competitors Against Using ICE!


One of Germany’s most iconic brands and automakers, Volkswagen, with its CEO Hebert Diess, shares that Tesla electric vehicles are their role model in certain aspects of EVs after spinning around with a Model Y. Days after letting Elon Musk test drive the ID.3, the two companies, Tesla and Volkswagen, gave each other’s cars a complement and shared a relationship that goes beyond the competition.

Volkswagen CEO Hebert Diess updated his LinkedIn post about the video memory of Elon Musk test driving the ID.3 in the airport during his secret side trip in the VW Facility in Germany. In this updated comment, Diess stated that he took the Model Y for a spin and found that for them, the car is a “reference.”

Many have transpired in Elon Musk’s visit to Germany, especially during the meeting between Tesla and CEO. However, it is clarified by Diess that there will be no partnership or collaboration between the two automakers. Days after Elon Musk’s test drive of the VW electric vehicle, Diess tries out the entry-level EV on Tesla’s line-up.

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The Volkswagen CEO mentioned six aspects that the Tesla Model Y has and had become VW’s points of reference. The six elements are User Experience, Updatability, Driving Features, Performance of the Top of the Range Models, Charging Network, and Range. Hebert Diess publicly admits that Tesla is a role model for electric vehicle platforms, especially for Volkswagen. 

Musk mentions some aspects like Driving Features and Range in the video test drive of the ID.3. Elon Musk asks Diess about certain elements present in the ID.3, and now, the VW CEO mentions it to be present in the Model Y.

Herbert Diess says that the Model Y’s ‘big advantage’ is being a “well thought through” electric car. Diess relates and compares Model Y to be similar to the ID.3 in terms of design and overall performance.

The comment follow-up made by Hebert Diess also mentioned criticisms and what seems to be an advice for the competition or other automakers who are working its way up and producing its own electric vehicle.

Diess mentions that many automakers still use the ICE or internal combustion engine platforms to make their electric vehicles. However, Diess says that those who continue with this are bound to not “getting the best EVs.”

The ICE platform is famous for being the standard used in most cars found on the road today. This platform is also modified to be used to house electric components for hybrids. Some manufacturers even proceed to use the ICE platform to create its electric vehicles with something Volkswagen did with its e-Golf.

Volkswagen and Diess learned from that and are now transitioning their electric-powered vehicles to its modular electric drive matrix or MEB platform. With Diess’ comment on his LinkedIn post, the CEO suggests that other car companies to create its electric vehicles from scratch, much like what Tesla and Volkswagen did to get the best of EVs. 

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