[Warning] Borderlands 3 New DLC Coming Up: Make it Rain Event Could Make You Lose 50 Million in Respawn Fees Alone!


A recent report by Forbes noted a particularly odd possibility about the upcoming Borderlands 3 DLC. Before explaining the unusual possibility, we have to look back at the current Borderlands.

When Borderlands first announced the particular “extra bonus cash” Make it Rain event just like what was seen during the previous week, everyone was perplexed because there really isn’t that much to spend your cash on inside the whole Borderlands 3 especially if you’ve already maxed out your own SDUs.

The difference now is that after the previous cash event, if you enter a DLC, you will then be able to purchase some extra storage space along with the new SDUs added. There is actually an ongoing cash event this week and it’s really up to players to decide what they could possibly purchase when the upcoming Borderlands 3 DLC arrives.

According to the article by Forbes that issues a “warning”, the warning is given not only to people encouraging them to collect all of the cash possible during the final day, but rather avoid making the same mistake that happened to the reporter in the article.

The player said that he started out playing the game with his max cash stack of a total of 99.99 million and the player was still very unaware of the levels. Due to this, he lost about 50 million just to respawn fees alone! This is how big the cuts are when it comes to the fees.

The writer then suggests that you spend the money even before you start doing anything. This way, you won’t be wasting money on respawning fees alone.

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It is currently a mystery as to how the currency works and what it is actually good for. Currently, there is hardly anything to purchase but with the upcoming DLC, there could be other things to purchase later on. The Downloadable Content is said to be available really soon and if you’re excited to try out Borderlands’ Psycho Krieg, you won’t have to wait that long anymore!

This DLC marks another journey into the ever-expanding world of Borderlands 3. With every additional DLC, the game becomes even more 3-dimensional with more and more angles being added to its world-shaping it to become the post-apocalyptic wonderland you have in your mind.

Gearbox will still officially announce the exact release time for both the Fantastic Fustercluck and Psycho Krieg DLC. The previous Moxxi’s Heist, Love & Tentacles, Guns, and Bounty of Blood have all launched just shortly after 12 PM ET on the day’s release which leads to the assumption that Borderland 3’s new DLC content could launch on September 10 some time about 12 PM EDT.

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