What Makes Gmail Better Than Other Email Providers?


Would you believe that in 1998, Google offered to sell its platform to Yahoo for just $1 million? Of course, Yahoo didn’t see the prospect and passed the opportunity. If only they knew Google was going to be the most visited platform of the twenty-first century.

Fast-forward to the century we now live in, and Google is not only beating Yahoo on the search engine fronts, but its emailing service (Gmail) has also surpassed that of Yahoo. So much so that it is now accurate to say that Google’s Gmail is better than Yahoo’s Yahoo Mail.

But Yahoo Mail isn’t the only email provider Google is brushing aside. Names like Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud Mail, AOL, GMX, Yandex, amongst several others, are also losing ground on Gmail.

In fact, in a recent publication by CNBC, it was revealed that Google’s Gmail is the dominant online email service with 1.5 billion global active users. 

But what exactly makes Google’s Gmail better than the rest? Let’s find out!

One of the biggest reasons why Gmail will continue to thump other email providers is because Google doesn’t rest on its laurels. Just when you thought they’d released enough features to make users enjoy their emailing experience, they come up with another round of explosive features.

For example, while other email providers were still relying on textual emailing services only, Google launched Gmail’s voice to text (VoIP) systems, enabling users to compose their emails through the voice bar.  

And that’s not even all; talk of other amazing features like Auto-reply, user-friendliness for iOS and Android users, 2.7 gigabytes of free storage, desktop voice notification, Auto-saving, email attachments to Drive, and free services; Gmail blows the rest away. 

As a search engine provider, Google knows just how important the factor of time is to everyone. They know that people don’t want to sit around composing pages of texts anymore. 

So what did they do? They launched a “Smart Compose feature” on Gmail. 

With this feature, users can now compose their emails based on auto-suggestions from Gmail’s algorithm, thereby saving themselves precious time. The feature looks at your sentence structure and then suggests the right words you need to complete the sentence.

The best part?

This feature works smoothly with any email templates for Gmail, meaning that it can help you perfect any template you have so that you don’t have to spend time editing or looking over a template again and again. 

Nobody likes spam. Nobody likes to have them hitting their mailbox. Unfortunately, they still find their way into our email addresses. So how can one stop spam messages from coming into their mailbox?

The answer is pretty simple: switch to Gmail! If you’re getting so many spam messages in your email box, the chances are that you’re still using those other email providers. But when you switch to Gmail, you can rest assured that you now “hold one over” spams. 

Personally, I’ve used many email providers, and I can boldly say that Gmail blocks the most spam!

If you’ve used other email providers before, particularly AOL and Yahoo Mail, then you must have experienced the annoying sights of ads intruding on your actions. But when you switch to Gmail, it’s an entirely different story.

Of course, Gmail displays ads too, but there is something classy about how they go about it. They ensure that as much as they want to get your attention with ads, they don’t ruin your emailing experience.

No email provider comes close to Gmail when it comes to cybersecurity and online privacy of emails. Not to undermine the privacy systems of other email providers, but Gmail’s 2-factor authentication makes it the best mailing system out there. 

To think that Google still spends thousands of Dollars on hiring ethical hackers to check the flaws of its products shows just how devoted they are to delivering a completely safe mailing system.

Of course, the primary purpose of an email service is to send messages. Google ensures that Gmail does more than this. Thanks to its smooth integration with several other Google tools such as Google Docs and Google Drive, users can use Google’s service to create content (Google Docs), save the content (Google Drive) the share the content they’ve saved on the Drive with others using Gmail, without leaving Google. 


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