Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook are back – reason for disruption known


For almost seven hours yesterday evening (October 4) Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram were unavailable. And that worldwide. A super gau for the mega corporation. It now seems clear how the breakdown could have happened.

Santosh, Janardhan, managing director for infrastructure at Facebook in a blog post explains the problem thus: “Our technicians have found out that configuration changes on the backbone routers have interrupted the communication. These devices coordinate network traffic between our data centers. The problem has brought our services to a complete halt. We believe the reason for the outage was a faulty configuration change.”

A hacker attack, as also suspected by some users, can therefore be virtually ruled out.

Update, Tuesday (October 5), 6:12 a.m.: The good news will reach many today (October 5) tomorrow when they wake up: After the giant disruption of Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook in the evening (Oct. 4), the services have been back online and accessible since midnight. In total, the social media channels were offline for almost seven hours.

Disruption at Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook – social media services are working again.
It is not yet officially known how the mega outage could have happened. However, IT experts suspect a problem with the DNS service. This service ensures that websites typed in with letters are translated into IP addresses.

A cyberattack is “unlikely” according to two IT security experts, reports the New York Times. To solve the problem, Facebook had to send a team of employees to its data center in Santa Clara, California, for a “manual reset” of the servers, the American newspaper adds.

Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram down – Mark Zuckerberg apologizes after Facebook disruption

Also bitter: Under the mega-disruption, the fortune of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is said to have suffered. As Bloomberg reports, it had shrunk by seven billion US dollars. The IT expert is now “only” in fifth place among the world’s richest people. Previously, he had held third place.

On Facebook, the media mogul apologized for the mega glitch: “Sorry for the disruption today – I know how much you rely on our services to stay connected with the people who matter to you,” Mark Zuckerberg said.

Update, Monday (October 4), 8:18 p.m.: As reported by Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), one of the reasons for the massive disruption at Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook could be a problem with the DNS service (Domain Name System). Among other things, this service ensures that website names typed in with letters are translated into IP addresses so that they can be accessed.

Whatsapp down throughout Germany – users report massive disruption

The head of technology at cloud service provider Cloudflare, John Graham-Cumming, pointed out that users and also software were still trying to access Facebook services. This is causing a massive increase in the load on other DNS services, he wrote on Twitter.

At 8:30 p.m., the number of reported restrictions on Whatsapp on allestörungen.de was almost 150,000. Another almost 50,000 users also reported problems on Instagram. Facebook had just over 30,000 reports – and that was in Germany alone.

Initial report, Monday (October 4), 6:25 p.m.: Tens of thousands of users must have had to deal with massive disruptions to some popular apps on Monday (October 4). According to the portal allestörungen.de, there were almost 100,000 error messages for the messenger service Whatsapp alone by the evening (as of 6 p.m.). However, the social media platforms Instagram and Facebook are also said to be affected by the disruption.

Mega-failure at Facebook services: Almost 100,000 failures at Whatsapp

According to the reports, there are outages primarily when sending and receiving messages via the three Facebook services. The problem seems to exist throughout Germany and even worldwide. Among others, users from major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Munich reported (read more digital news at RUHR24).

Facebook itself has already spoken out on Twitter about the numerous outages of its apps. The tweet says: “We are aware that some people are having problems reaching our apps and products.” It said it was already working to fix the problems and get the networks back up and running “as soon as possible.” However, the company did not specify the reason for the disruption. Users are asked to apologize for the inconvenience.

Mega disruption at Facebook services: Whatsapp and Instagram users report problems

On Twitter, there were numerous entries under the hashtags #whatsappdown, #facebookdown and #instadown on Monday evening. According to the reports, the disruptions are coming from all over the world.



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