Which Tablet should it be?


Tablet and purpose can be very different: on the left the iPad Mini right Microsoft Surface Go 2.
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The mini computers are becoming more powerful, and have proven themselves not only in the video conference, or electronic reading device. However, when buying a tablet are some important points to note.

Sie have set themselves as a third category of device between the Smartphone and computer by: With the Tablet you read the electronic edition of the newspaper, flips through his photos, the television program or taking part with him in a video conference. It is driven faster than a calculator, comfortably in a deck chair or on the Sofa to use, offers a long battery life, and you can also press an older Generation without computer skills in the Hand.

The Tablet as a portable Mini-PC with a touch-sensitive screen has been sold in the past year, according to the statistics of IDC all over the world 144 million Times. The idea of the flat computer without a keyboard is jahrzehntealt. But it was only with the debut of the first iPad by Apple in 2010, the market took off outright. Until then, occupied a single Windows Tablets for a very small niche. Now, Apple showed that a product with a degree of sophistication with his buyer. In Germany, six out of ten citizens currently use regularly is a Tablet, the market is divided among the operating systems of Apple and Google, respectively, to the half. Windows and Linux play no role at all.



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