Yoga Instructors Slam QAnon for Appealing to Empathy and Government Mistrust—Fake News Won’t Appeal to Wellness Sector


The world’s most notorious conspiracy theory group with a cult-like following, QAnon, receives backlash from inner-peace and yoga masters referred to as Yogis after the groups appeal to empathy among the wellness sector. QAnon devised a new strategy that targets the wellness sector and tries to turn the yoga community to support its cause.

QAnon is facing a significant backlash from the wellness sector, mainly, Yogis, who recently spoke its denouncement of the conspiracy theory group among its ranks. Reports say that prominent personalities were caught in the delusional wave of QAnon, hyping up the group due to misleading tactics.

Gizmodo reports that several yogis, including Amy Ippoliti, a famous yogi and book author, posted joint statements and blacked-out images that show its stand against the harbinger of fake news. The conspiracy theory group loses its appeal to the wellness sector by using empathy towards children and misleading people to go against the government.


Several yogi influencers also join the cause to denounce QAnon and inform its huge followings about the group’s attempts to enter the wellness sector. The dangers brought by QAnon are recognizable to yogis and are now aware of the shots.

The wellness sector’s growing concerns started when prominent members that have huge followings and popular among the community seem to join in the QAnon hype that ‘trojan horses’ its cause with empathic appeals.

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Yoga instructors and yogi influencers are known to promote peace and serenity among its follower base and lifestyle. The very essence of yoga is to strengthen the mind, body, and soul, taking control of one’s actions and thoughts. Yoga is a 5,000-year-old practice of Ancient Indians that promotes clear and sensible ideologies.

QAnon used that very fact and tried to appeal to the wellness sector’s gentle minds that are empathic of every person, as promoted in its studies. Yogis took the fight to the next level with their Instagram posts that shows blacked-out images and captions the sector’s battle against misinformation.

The blacked-image shows a firm stand condemning QAnon and follows a compilation of photos showing the community statement thread as users swipe right. The famous influencers’ warnings show their concern for the community that is significantly falling for the ‘cult psychology’ tactics by the conspiracy group.

Seane Corn, a famous yogi influencer, shares his experiences with members who are poisoned by the ways of QAnon. In Corn’s Instagram caption, he retells the story of how some members and even colleagues urged him to stay quiet against the group. However, Corn shows his disregard for the conspiracy group and uses his voice to cancel QAnon amongst the wellness sector.

Members of the wellness sector who entangled themselves with QAnon urges Corn with the famous “do your research” statement by QAnon members. This statement encourages people to research on topics declared by QAnon to be legitimate.

Seane Corn said in disbelief that he has done his research and is still not convinced of QAnon’s misleading ideologies. QAnon now brands the people who go against it as ‘unempathetic’ and not caring about the children subjected to abuse.

The Wellness Community stands hand-in-hand to battle QAnon, despite their calm and peaceful demeanor, to end the group that promotes fake news.

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Seane Corn’s Outrage on QAnon


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