A Pennsylvania creamery is selling MACARONI AND CHEESE ice cream


A Pennsylvania creamery is selling a macaroni and cheese-flavored ice cream — with a cheddar sweet cream base and actual pieces of pasta mixed in.

The limited-batch flavor from Owowcow in Ottsville has proven controversial on social media after bestselling author Chuck Wendig shared a photo of it on Twitter on February 1.

But Chuck told followers that it actually tasted pretty good — and his only objection was that the frozen pieces of pasta were hard like ‘ice marbles’.

Chuck went viral for his tweet about the flavor, which included a photo of the yellow-tinged ‘monthly special’ in the case. 

‘This is ice cream annnnnnd should I try it,’ he wrote.

He ended up buying a single scoop and offering a review four the thousands of other Twitter users who liked his tweet.

‘So uh… That is a piece of straight up Mac and cheese in there. like, pasta,’ he wrote.

‘REVIEW: mistakes were made,’ he went on. ‘Like, cheddar sweet cream ice cream is actually pretty f***ing good. The base is amazing. Sweet-but-normally-savory-cheese is a real damn thing and I support it. But. BUT. 

‘You cannot freeze pasta. It turns into f***ing ice marbles. Damn near broke my teeth on this s***. There are also bacon crumbles but they’re largely lost to the rest of it.

‘MY MOUF IS BROK,’ he added. ‘But if they ever made this again using the cheddar sweet cream base, I’d be SO in. That part works, and works well.’ 

Owowcow has responded to the attention, telling skeptics on Facebook:  ‘Don’t knock it til ya try it!’

The shop actually has plenty of more traditional flavors, including House Vanilla, I Hate Chocolate, Strawberry, Sweet Honey Cream,  Cashew Caramel, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, and Espresso. 

But they get experimental, too, and in the past have tried flavors like Pickle, Irish Potato, Kombucha Flowers, and Zucchini Bread.


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